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hi Doc, good day po. thanks for the quick reply. i have a follow up question. what causes immature/incomplete hatching or chicks that are unable to get out from the shell. only on my 4th batch i got about 20% unsuccessful hatching. does my brood materials are getting weak or its the incubator?thanks
Hi again razors-edge! There are several possibilities for having chicks that are not well developed and have difficulty breaking thru the egg. 1) It could be due to hatching eggs that are soiled or dirty, the bacteria or virus enters the egg and infects the chick thus making them weak. 2) the temperature of the incubator could be incorrect, it was not mentioned if they hatch exactly at 21 days or not, as a guide, if they hatch less than 21 days you can have an incubator with the temperature set too high, if delayed temperature could be too low. The ideal temperature is 100.5F day 1 to 10, 100F day 11-18, 99.5F day 19-21. 3) The humidity in the incubator could be too low, especially during the last 3 days of incubation causing the chick to be very dry which may result to the chick sticking to the egg. The recommended hatching relative humidity is about 65%. 4) There could also be a nutritional problem, the nutrients given to both the brood cock and hen could be below what is required thus chicks produced are weak. To be assured of very good breeder nutrition, try feeding both brood cock and brood hen our breeder feed under the brand Gallimax 21. Feed them 40-50g pure pellets twice a day and make sure to feed the brood cock outside the breeding pen to be assured that he eats all his feed and does not allow the hen to eat it. Hope this helps, thank you for choosing Salto Gamefowl feeds!
Where does the cock gets his fighting style. from the hen or the rooster? Because I had a 4 time winner rooster and I bred it and the sons came out to look like him.
Hi Eamontoya1! The OFFSPRINGS get their style from both parents, it is just hard to see the fighting style of the hen side because we do not fight them. You should look to the full brothers of the hen to see the fighting style that can be transmitted down to the offspring. Hope this information answered your inquiry. Thank you for choosing Salto Gamefowl Feeds!
gud pm! anu po sakit ang tumama sa manok ko. hes already a bullstag. wala sya history ng sakit but all of the sudden, bglang nlng sya nahuhulog sa hapunan and parang gumigewang ang ulo pagkatayo.. den after few secs, ok na sya.. it happens every 7pm, kapag nakadapo na sya sa hapunan...
Hi Norman! It looks like your bullstag has symptoms affecting his nervous system. I am not exactly sure of what is the problem of your rooster but probable reasons that can give these nervous signs or paralysis are Mareks disease and New Castles Disease. It is quite difficult to give an exact answer if I can't see the rooster. Both diseases listed above are viral in origin and can't be treated. If after the attack he returns to normal, there could be problems with his nerves and you can try giving vitamin B complex to see if this helps. Thank you for choosing Salto Gamefowl Feeds!
gandang araw po sir, tanong ko po kung anong klaseng sakit at gamot sa lumake ang pwetan, di naman po nabasagan ng itlog at di rin pullorum. may lumabas na parang gatas o nana. salamat po Salto
Hi Razors Edge! I suspect that your hen could have egg yolk peritonitis. This is a conditioning wherein the egg yolk has left the reproductive tract and is in the abdominal cavity causing an infection. Sometimes the yolk will be absorbed by the body but also often times due to the yolk being a good source of nutrients to bacteria it can cause an infection. You can try giving an antibiotic like Gentamycin but if the infection has progressed too far, it might be difficult to treat already. Thank you for your inquiry!
sir, ung mga sisiw nag uubusan ng mga balahibo, 1 1/2 months na sila marami nman akong pinapakain chick booster po gamit, dapat na po ba akong magpalit ng pakain
Hi Harry! Ang pinaka common na reason kaya nagtutukaan ng balahibo ang mga sisiw ay kulang sa luwang ang space sa brooder. Pwede din dahil kulang ang protina sa chick booster na pinapakain mo sa kanila, subukan ninyo gumamit ng Salto chick booster. Ang huling reason na magbibigay nag ganitong condition ay maaaring sobrang liwanag ang ilaw ninyo sa brooder. Thank you for choosing SALTO Gamefowl Feeds!