Alas Say Yes!

Just as the rooster crows in the morning, Alas Say Yes! starts early at 6AM to give gamefowl breeders the chance to boost their game birds’ immune system and protect them from harmful diseases.

Organized by Salto, Alas Say Yes! aims to educate backyard breeders’ on the proper nutrition and breeding management of their gamebirds. Salto partner stores announced a month-long promo where customers can avail of the free vaccination if they purchase any Salto product within the promo period.

After the vaccination, breeders were also able to speak with Salto’s gamefowl specialists for tips and other advice on gamefowl breeding and maintaining their gamefarm. The program ended with lucky breeders winning pullets and broodcocks as prizes for the raffle.

Salto is Pilmico’s high-performing gamefowl feeds brand. Through programs such as Alas Say Yes!, Salto underlines their relationship with customers as Partners in Production. Salto provides not just quality feeds but also total solutions that help promote the health of game birds and farms.