The characteristics of a good brood cock is that it is protective towards its mates, is gentle to them and not one that would fight the hens.  If the broodcock would fight the hens, there is a risk that the hens can get injured and even may cause egg breakage while still inside the body of the hen.

For the hens, they should be good layers, we consider a good productive hen to lay at least 20 to 22 eggs a month.  We need productive chickens for hens that would lay less will still be eating the same feed as those that are producing within the standards we set.

Nowadays, artificial incubators and prefer the hens not to be broody that they may start to lie on the eggs to incubate.  It is also not a good idea to maintain a brood hen that would eat the eggs it lay.

To summarize:


  1. Breeders should have good health record.
  2. Males should be gentle and kind to their mates.


  1. Broody female breeders
  2. Female breeders with a habit of eating her own egg
  3. Molting breeders
  4. Breeders used have become ill and have recovered