Same rule of conformation that applies to the cock in selecting the hens. 

Symmetry and gracefulness are the signs of a true female and should be the first thing to look for in your hens.

Stance and posture of cocks are equally important to broodhen, as she passes her traits to the stags.  Hens and pullets should look like cheerleaders.  She must be active, bright and full of energy. These busy broodhens are up early and out late to produce smart active stags.

The hens should be healthy, alert and at the same time calm. They make the best mothers.  Aggressiveness is also a plus, enough to take care of business especially in protecting her chicks from predators.

Most breeders or cockers usually select an all-time winner or outstanding performer broodcock but hens must be equally important during the selection process.


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