Powerarmor – Anti-parasitic Dipping Solution

Salto Powerarmor


For the killing and removal of lice and mites, and enhance glossy feather  in game fowls.



  • Dissolve 1 sachet in 2 gallons of water, submerge the bird up to its neck making sure the solution will get all areas wet while avoiding contact with eyes so as not to irritate.
  • Rub feathers gently to let the active ingredients get into the base of the feathers.
  • Sun dry the birds. 
  • Bathe the gamebird at least once a month or every 15 days.



  • The feathers of the birds are still shiny until 2-3 days.
  • Smoothness of feather will last up to a week (as felt by handler).
  • One (1)sachet is enough for 10 birds.
  • Bubbly solution, hence able to clean well.
  • Eradicates mites and lice (skin parasites).
  • Coffee Scented “amoy barako”. Coffee extract helps add luster to feather.